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Technological advancements have brought many great benefits to our lives over the years, both on a personal level and from a business point of view.  As we all know, with technology comes growing pains, which can manifest in several forms.  One form we are all familiar with is technological glitches.  While some may be quick to criticize new technology because of the inherent challenges that often come with something new, the bumps along the way are just part of the process and can be taken in stride with the right supports in place. 

If you have chosen a NetSuite implementation with The Vested Group, we have an excellent support solution available for both the short term settling in period and for your long-term support maintenance needs.  The first three to six months after Go-Live are not an accurate representation of long term support needs.  This initial post-implementation period is the time to support the users with training and system modifications that streamline the overall process.  We can structure an arrangement during this period that is flexible in both cost and resource commitments in order to effectively address specific needs.  Once this post-implementation “burn in” period has concluded, we can structure an agreement that is a fixed fee amount for issue resolution, simple training requests, and NetSuite liaison activities.

The Vested Group’s support solution allows your organization to avoid the support fees that would traditionally go directly to NetSuite.  Support services through NetSuite are normally a percentage of the net licensing fees but utilizing The Vested Group negates the need for that in most situations.  We will leverage the knowledge gained during your implementation to provide you with complete functional and technical support services for any existing and future requirements.  By using The Vested Group as your support solution, your organization is also able to dedicate available resources towards strategic initiatives rather than support activities.

Below is a brief overview of what you can expect from support services with The Vested Group:

Support Services

  • Issue Resolution – “bugs” or system errors
  • Training – from simple “How do I” requests to full-scale corporate classroom training
  • Enhance and Expand – anything that is not currently configured – modules, reports, functions, etc.
  • NetSuite Corporate Liaison – we will act on your behalf to help navigate any NetSuite interactions


  • Internal personnel are free to focus on tasks that are strategic to the organization.
  • Developing in-house NetSuite-specific skills is dramatically reduced and in many cases is not necessary at all.
  • Time-to-Resolution for service requests is significantly reduced.  Experienced resources that thoroughly understand the entire NetSuite offering will support you.

We hope to act as an extension of your organization for any NetSuite related activities. So, contact The Vested Group today and we can discuss a support solution that works for you and your organization.  You may also follow The Vested Group on Twitter at @TheVestedGroup and like The Vested Group on Facebook so you can be sure to keep up with all of our important news and announcements as well as new posts to The Vested Group’s blog. 

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