Beyond Your Expectations: NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

If you are searching for an ecommerce solution that will take your organization’s web store to new heights, NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced could be just what you are looking for.  SuiteCommerce Advanced is a feature rich solution that will allow you to create fast, engaging web stores that can be accessed on many devices including smart phones, tablets, and personal computers.

SuiteCommerce also unifies ecommerce with your core operational business systems—inventory and order management, marketing, customer support and financials—providing a single view of your customers and business. Take a look at some of the great features available with SuiteCommerce:

Commerce Everywhere

  • Extend your relationship. Deliver a mobile shopping experience optimized for smartphones and tablets.
  • Multiple web stores from one platform. Each site can have their own domain, products, language, currency and branding.
  • Go global. With support for multiple languages, currencies, taxes/VAT, subsidiaries and international shipping prices and documentation, you can sell globally.
  • Reach a wider customer base. Publish your products to shopping comparison engines.

Uniquely Branded and Engaging Shopping Experiences

  • Easy to get started. A prebuilt, best-in-class reference shopping site can be used as an out-of- the-box solution or as a cornerstone to enhance and customize.
  • Responsive design. Build sites that display elegantly across all devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktops.
  • Design flexibility. Pixel-perfect design capabilities and unlimited layout control.
  • Blazing fast. AJAX architecture, edge caching and a content delivery network (Akamai CDN) provides a fast, scalable site.

Personalized Marketing and Promotions

  • Integrated, closed-loop marketing. Run multiple types of marketing campaigns—email, paid search, affiliate or direct mail—and automatically track their lifetime revenue and profitability.
  • Customer targeting. Dynamically segment customers to provide personalized merchandising and promotions based on behavior, demographics, purchases and more.
  • Cart abandonment. Know who abandoned a shopping cart and its contents, then follow up with an email, perhaps with a coupon for the items abandoned.
  • Automated upsell and cross-sell. Display upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on what other customers have purchased, helping increase sales and order size.
  • Coupons and promotions. Flexible coupon and promotion management tools.

Streamline Ordering and Purchasing

  • Pricing, terms and credit limits. Set different pricing levels for the same item for different customers, offer channels or volume discounts. Give customers their own negotiated prices, terms and credit limits.
  • Inventory visibility. Show real-time inventory data, including how many products are available online or in a particular store.
  • Mini-cart. Let customers view products they’ve carted by hovering over the cart icon.
  • One-page checkout. Streamline the purchasing process. Provide guest checkout and account checkout with address book.
  • Multiple payment options. Secure integration to common payment gateways for credit card processing or invoicing based on balance and credit limit.
  • Shipping management. Seamless integration with UPS, FedEx and other carriers allows you to print shipping labels, generate customs documentation and automatically send out tracking numbers.

If you would like to learn more about NetSuite’s world-class web store solution, SuiteCommerce Advanced, contact The Vested Group today.  The Vested Group is one of the first NetSuite consulting firms in the country to completely implement a successful SuiteCommerce Advanced solution. We have an experienced team of consultants ready to serve all of your NetSuite implementation needs.  Contact The Vested Group to set up a demo today!

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