Choosing Between NetSuite and Epicor? Things to consider...

We’ve shared several articles on our blog designed to help organizations in the many decisions around ERP selection.  A couple of the most recent articles include a post about ERP system usability and a list of reasons for choosing an ERP system.  One of the most important steps in selecting an ERP system involves researching all of the possible business management software vendors. 

Of course here at The Vested Group, we believe that NetSuite is the top product available.  However, when you are looking at what’s out there for ERP solutions it is wise to perform your due diligence and look at other systems.  Epicor is possibly one of the ERP solutions on your list of products to research.  While Epicor may have a solid product, there are some key differentiators that put NetSuite in the lead.

Top 10 NetSuite Differentiators

1.  NetSuite has a significantly lower TCO.  Epicor ERP 10 has high licensing costs, excessive hardware requirements, more maintenance requirements, and higher implementation fees.

2.  NetSuite is fastest growing financial management vendor.  The private equity firm that bought Epicor is more focused on margin expansion than ensuring customer success.

3.  NetSuite is a fully integrated business suite for distributors and manufacturers.  The new release of Epicor ERP is a combination of several acquisitions with a redesigned front-end.

4.  NetSuite is proven at over 20,000 organizations.  Very few organizations are running Epicor 10 – In fact, most customers have yet to move to Epicor 9 because it is too difficult to upgrade.

5.  NetSuite better supports global organizations.  Unlike Epicor, NetSuite does not require multiple installations with data constantly being synced across company locations.

6.  NetSuite provides faster time-to-value for manufacturers. Significant configuration is required in Epicor for processes such as assembly management, project control, and demand planning.

7.  NetSuite automates common manufacturing processes.  Epicor 10 introduces a new BPM tool but it is still difficult to fully automate processes such as work order creation.

8.  NetSuite is a true Cloud-based manufacturing solution.  Epicor is not built for the Cloud.  It does not include a Cloud development platform for scripting, workflow, & extending apps.

9.  NetSuite supports packaged integration with enterprise apps.  Every Epicor integration project requires extended design periods and custom development efforts.

10.   NetSuite is customized with “clicks” not code.  NetSuite can be fully customized but does not require expensive and risky development projects like Epicor. 

If you would like to take a look at what NetSuite has to offer, submit your contact information in the sidebar to the right and a member of The Vested Group team will contact you to answer all of your questions or set up a NetSuite demo.  The Vested Group is an experienced team of NetSuite consultants who are ready to serve all of your ERP implementation needs, so contact us today.

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