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NetSuite gives you full visibility into your business, but are you looking for that extra step? The Vested Group has the solution you've been looking for:

Distribution Dashboards

Get full visibility into your business with Distribution Dashboards! The Vested Group's Dashboarding solution gives you a high-level review for financials, sales, and inventory with specified KPI’s and metrics.

Executive Management
Get a high-level overview of your organizations KPI’s, metrics, and data for your C-Level executives

  • KPI’s: COGS, Gross Profit, Operating Expenses, Net Income
  • Key Metrics: Weekly Cash Projection, Revenue and Expenses by Period Trend

Enables your Finance and Accounting teams to keep track of revenue, income, working capital, and assets.

  • KPI’s: Revenue, Payables, Receivables, Expenses, EBITDA
  • Key Metrics: Invoices > 30 Days > 50k, and Bank Reconciliation Summary

Give your managers and C-Level Executives an overview of individual and team sales performance

  • KPI’s: Sales, New Business, Average Deal Size
  • Key Metrics: Gross Profit by Sales Rep, Gross Profit by Customer

With the help of procurement KPI’s, the Purchasing & Inventory Dashboard enables a warehouse manager to track, evaluate, and optimize a company’s purchasing processes.

  • Key Metrics: Available to Sell Quantities, Top 5 Items by Quantity Sold

If our Distribution Dashboard solution isn't what you're looking for, please take a look at the inVENTED page of our website or feel free to reach out to The Vested Group directly if any of our other solutions catch your eye.

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