TVG College Recruiting Event


Are you a college grad that's ready to get your career started?

The Vested Group wants to see you at our college recruiting event!
Join us on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 from 10am-3pm to see what the "Best Job Ever" hype is about!

We are looking for growth-minded, talented graduates with an interest in ERP consulting as a career. 
Here are a few things you'd learn to do in a position with us:

  • Develop proficiency in NetSuite functionality
  • Evaluate and provide management processes for clients
  • Recruit and secure resources to be part of our team
  • Participate in selling activities as they are available
  • Be a thought leader within the NetSuite ecosphere
  • Pursue professional and continuing education opportunities
  • Be a Leader

Prescreening is required - Please click here to get started.

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