Repair Movement Webinar Opportunity


Join the Repair Movement this Thursday, March 3rd, to help us make the argument that consumers should have the right to change their own batteries - click here to join.

While portable consumer electronics are amazingly mobile and convenient tools, they have a large environmental impact during manufacturing and end-of-life. One of the durability challenges with these products is the lifetime of batteries and the *difficulty of easily replacing* them.

Batteries will continue to be an important source of energy and one of the key enablers for sustainable development, green mobility, clean energy and climate neutrality.

We will discuss increasing regulatory and policy developments for batteries, including Europe’s Strategic *Action Plan on Batteries* to ensure a safe, circular, and sustainable battery value chain for all batteries.

This webinar will examine effective and safe policies for improving the sustainability of batteries with focus on *removability & replaceability*

a) Better Battery Policy: Possibilities
b) Recommendation from Industry
c) Repairing and Rejuvenating Your Product
d) Ensuring Safety with Standards and Training
e) Q&A

Featured Speakers:
1. Jean-Pierre Schweitzer - Policy officer for products and circular economy @European Environmental Bureau
2. Christian Eckert - Head of Environmental Policy Department @ZVEI - Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.
3. Kyle Wiens CEO @iFixit
4. Jason Tang - Manager @TUV Rheinland
5. Rakesh Vazirani - Global Head of Sustainability (Products) @TUV Rheinland

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