Email Multiple Contacts: The Easy Button for your transaction-based email.


If you have spent time manually copying NetSuite Quotes, Sales Orders, or Invoices to send these documents to multiple email addresses, we have a time-saving solution for you! 

Standard NetSuite functionality only provides for the emailing of documents to one email address. The Vested Group has created a solution that allows NetSuite users to send quotes, sales orders, and invoices to multiple addresses within one transaction.

Key Features:

  • Customized field and scripting allows for multiple email addresses to be used in document sending.
  • Ability to choose which contacts receive selected documents.
  • Manual copying of documents to multiple email addresses is eliminated.
  • Ability to assign default email templates by transaction type

Need a Different Solution? The Vested Group is the only Five Star Award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider that offers a complete range of NetSuite support services through our support practice, inVESTED PRO. From quick fixes to larger development projects, our in-house support team is here for you.

Emailing Multiple Contacts is just one of the many NetSuite solutions our team has developed. If you are facing a business challenge of a different type and would like to speak with us about your NetSuite development needs, submit your contact information in the form below, and we will be happy to get in touch!

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