Fearing Commitment?


“No, there was no shortage of security in place at the Carter Supply compound, but none of these features could stop what happened in the darkest hours of that night in early January.”

These are not lines you would expect to find in a business book, but this is not a typical business book. Joel Patterson believes in enterprise resource planning systems. He knows that a business has much to gain from services like Oracle+NetSuite, but that licensing, project implementation, and ongoing support are not always simple tasks. Patterson also knows that many of today’s leaders face a torrent of information just to keep pace. In order to spread the knowledge gained through his career, Patterson created a novel solution: The Big Commitment: Solving the Mysteries of Your ERP Implementation.

Patterson turned his message into a mystery novel—a move that would only surprise those who were not familiar with his passion for unique and creative solutions. “I wanted to come up with a complete product that carried our message and conveyed the necessary information,” he says. “But in a way that was still entertaining and which busy people wouldn’t find as a chore, but rather more of a treat.”

In The Big Commitment, readers will find a layman-friendly explanation of enterprise resource planning systems. The novel shows how navigating the ups and downs of an ERP implementation can offer businesses an integrated and upgraded view of their core business processes and aren’t as scary of a proposition as they are rumored to be. Are they simple? Of course not, but paying attention to a few key areas will reduce project complexity and set you up for success.

Comedic mystery and elements of human interest are more than the spoonfuls of sugar that makes his message easy to appreciate; they speak to the spirit of innovation that fuels Patterson and his company. Open your copy of The Big Commitment: Solving the Mysteries of Your ERP Implementation today and enjoy the ride.

For more information, please visit www.joelpatterson.com

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