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As many of you are aware, NetSuite 2020.1 Release Preview may be already active in your NetSuite Accounts or your access is coming soon for the upcoming release.

Below we have listed what we feel are some of the top highlights and enhancements in NetSuite's latest release. Below you will find navigation tips and information about how to access your Release Preview Account. 

The Release Preview account allows you to familiarize yourself with the new features in the upcoming release. You can verify that your existing business workflows function as expected before your production account is upgraded to the new NetSuite release. You can also use the Release Preview account to test and ensure your NetSuite account and any associated applications are not dependent on a specific data center to store data.

The Vested Group’s Picks: NetSuite 2020.1 Release Preview Top Highlights

  • Accounting – Advanced Revenue Management Enhancements
  • Banking – Bank Data Matching Improvements
  • Employee Management – Bonuses in Compensation Tracking
  • Inventory Management – Partially Receive Transfer Order Fulfillment Quantities When Transfer is at Cost
  • Order Management – Enhanced Visibility into Automatic Fulfillment Request Creation
  • Projects – Advanced Project Profitability Enhancements

Industry and Platform-Specific Features

NetSuite 2020.1 also adds enhancements for specific industries and the SuiteCloud Platform. You can click through the links below to learn more about capabilities for:

ManufacturingFood and BeverageWholesale DistributionAdvertising, Media and PublishingRetailSoftwareServicesNonprofit, and The SuiteCloud Platform

Accessing Your Release Preview Account

The URL for accessing your Release Preview account is the same URL you use to access your production account:

You can also access your Release Preview from the New Release Portlet. Only users with an Administrator role initially have access to the Release Preview account.  The Release Preview is noted in your role navigation with an RP next to the role name.

We are Here to Help!

The Vested Group has a dedicated team of NetSuite support consultants. We are based in the United States and have the ability to support your NetSuite environment remotely, making travel and in-person contact unnecessary. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the NetSuite Release process, accessing your Release Preview account or navigating the transition to 2020.1,  please do not hesitate to contact The Vested Group - we are always here to help!

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