NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Simplified Joins

Today The Vested Group has another great tip to share from one of our Senior Consultants, Casey Andrews.  If you are a regular reader of our blog, you've already noticed that Casey is our go-to consultant for all things search related and today is no exception.  

NetSuite Join Descriptions

Below is a super useful list that describes various joins you can choose when creating a search in NetSuite.  Many of these joins are complex, and this list is a handy compilation of some join descriptions.

1. Applied To Transaction fields.... -for example, on a Sales Order and an Estimate, the Applied To Transaction is an Opportunity. Because Sales Orders and Estimates are created from an Opportunity. Therefore, the Applied To Transaction fields.... of a Sales Order or an Estimate are fields found on an Opportunity record.

2. Applying Transaction Fields...for example, on an Estimate, the Applying Transaction is a Sales Order. Because the Sales Order is/can be created from an Estimate. Therefore, the Applying Transaction fields.... of an Estimate are fields found on a Sales Order record.

3. Billing Transactions fields... -for example, on a Sales Order, the Billing Transaction can either be an Invoice or a Cash Sale. Therefore, the Billing Transactions fields.... of a Sales Order are fields found on a Cash Sale or an Invoice record.

4. Deposit/Refund transaction fields... for example, on a Cash Sale and Customer Payment, the Deposit/Refund transaction is the Deposit (via Transactions>Bank>Make Deposits).

5. Fulfill/Receive transaction fields... for example, on a Purchase Order, the Fulfill/Receive transaction is an Item Receipt. On a Sales Order, the Fulfill/Receive transaction is the Item Fulfillment.

6. Paid Transaction fields... for example, on a Bill Payment, the Paid Transaction is a Vendor Bill. Because the Vendor Bill is paid by the Bill Payment.

7. Paying transaction fields... this behaves like the Applying Transaction Fields... but with the involvement of a "cash" transaction. For example, on a Customer Refund, the Paying Transaction is a Credit Memo. Because Customer Refund pays for the Credit Memo.

8. Realized Gain posting transaction fields... this behaves like the Applying Transaction Fields... and the Paying transaction fields... but with the involvement of Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss. So if an Invoice is denominated in a foreign currency, paid on a date when the exchange rate is different, the Payment will be considered as the Realized Gain posting transaction.

9. Revenue Committing transaction fields... for example, on a Sales Order, the Revenue Committing transaction can be a Cash Sale, or an Invoice, if the said Sales Order do not have a Revenue Commitment.

For more reading on NetSuite's saved searches and other topics, head over to the NetSuite Knowledge Base - a free collaborative NetSuite resource from The Vested Group!

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