Podcast Alert! Entrepreneur Weekly features SuiteWorld Speakers - Part 2

The Entrepreneur Weekly podcast, hosted by award-winning broadcast professional, Alan Taylor, recently featured NetSuite executives Evan Goldberg and Jason Maynard, and customers hint water, Hammit, SportStop, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and more.


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Episode 88: SuiteWorld Exclusive: Sit Downs with Troy Drockton, Patrick Scott & Danny Coorsh

Sweet Tales of Entrepreneurship & Scaling Up with NetSuite:   We're back at Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld convention in Las Vegas. Our first guest went from roofing, to real estate, to... hand bags? Tony Drockton has had an unorthodox entrepreneurial journey, but 10 years ago he stepped up as CEO and 'chief cheerleader' at Hammitt, a luxury fashion brand based in Los Angeles that emphasizes quality craftsmanship and a customer-forward design language. Tony offers some surprising advice for individuals looking to make a splash in the dog-eat-dog fashion industry - Don't become an entrepreneur, learn why.
Next, you may be familiar with the industrious story of Alex Scott, a young girl who battled pediatric cancer and raised $1-million to fund cancer research. Although Alex has passed, her legacy continues through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation which has raised over $150-million to date. Senior Project Coordinator, Patrick Scott, shares how ALSF is funding impactful research and empowering families affected by childhood cancer. Then, Sugarfina is the boutique candy company delighting the taste buds of consumers through 50 retail locations and a sweet online store. Senior Director of Operations, Danny Coorsh, explains how NetSuite's business management software has allowed Sugarfina to dramatically scale up operations in just five short years.
[00:00:00] Roofing, Real Estate, and Handbags? [00:05:42] entweeklyblogscreenshotHammitt's Customer-Focused Designs [00:11:30] How to Grow Beyond Life in the Cubicle [00:18:21] Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation [00:27:49] Develop a Strong Omni-channel Presence [00:33:22] Scaling Up Operations with NetSuite.
Listen here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/listen/entrepreneur-weekly/313009/312827 
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