Companies that refurbish, recycle and redistribute electronics often experience elevated turnover rates, placing a high demand on their recycling facilities. reVESTED is an innovative solution for electronics recycling on the NetSuite platform that uses information technology asset disposition (ITAD) software. This flexible, cost-effective solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes and provides various tools to enhance production.  

Modules That Make Up the reVESTED Software System

The reVESTED software system consists of several modules that offer access to various unique features. Companies can utilize one or all of the following modules to fit their specific needs:

Agreements and Settlements

Companies in the refurbishing, recycling and redistributing industry for electronics can use the reVESTED Agreements and Settlements module to improve relationships and confirm details with equipment providers. Using our reVESTED Agreements and Settlements module makes it easier to electronically deliver product information, allowing you to streamline accurate communication with your vendors. Use the agreements and settlements module for:

  • Calculating settlements
  • Processing fees
  • Cataloging agreements with equipment providers

Triage and Auditing

Utilizing the Triage and Auditing module will help your company receive, identify, capture attributes and decide how to process the end-of-life products that enter your facility. Using reVESTED will also allow your company to track each product's lifecycle. Additional uses of the Triage and Auditing module include:

  • Recording item receipts
  • Identifying product condition
  • Capturing specific attributes

Refurbishing and Repair

Deciding whether it would be more beneficial to recycle or refurbish your organization's end-of-life products requires accurate data. The Refurbish and Repair Module from reVESTED will process products with greater efficiency. Companies can use the Refurbish and Repair module to:

  • Simplify decisions regarding refurbishing or recycling
  • Enhance data visibility
  • Track product classifications
  • Automate receipts

Warehouse Management

As a company in the electronics refurbishing, recycling and redistributing industry, you know that your warehouse needs to accommodate unique process flows. The reVESTED Warehouse Management module combines our unique understanding of the daily process of electronics refurbishing, recycling and redistributing companies with the latest technology to meet your company's specific needs by:

  • Handling company activities and assets
  • Managing products that do not qualify for recycling or refurbishing 
  • Automating license plate number (LPN) label collection to palletize inventory
  • Reporting data destruction for certification requirements

Distribution and Recycling

Whether your company resells or recycles the end-of-life products you receive, reVESTED makes it easy to track and report inventory disposition results. Companies can enjoy many benefits, such as status visibility for products across various channels and comprehensive inventory search tools. Additional benefits of the reVESTED Distribution and Recycling module include:

  • Creating multiple savings opportunities
  • Improving transparency throughout your entire facility
  • Complying with state and federal agency regulations
  • Eliminating the need for numerous manual processes

Ready to Get Started?

reVESTED fulfills your electronics refurbishing, recycling and redistributing company's needs with our powerful and flexible platform. Our team will customize the system to meet your company's needs and can provide assistance throughout the implementation process. Complete our contact form to take your business to the next level with reVESTED today!

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