The Vested Group + SourceDay = ♥️


The Vested Group partners with SourceDay to mitigate supply chain disruption. 

Meet our newest partner SourceDay: a Built-for-NetSuite supplier collaboration solution that extends NetSuite’s purchasing capabilities by allowing buyers and suppliers to collaborate on price, quantity, and delivery date changes in real-time. These PO changes are automatically updated in NetSuite, eliminating manual and disparate communication methods for your buyers and tedious manual work to update NetSuite.

SourceDay’s mission is to provide a Unified Supplier Collaboration solution for 100% of your direct material POs across all of your suppliers. SourceDay provides suppliers with various engagement options to allow users the flexibility they need to interact in whatever way is best for them. Whether it is via email, full supplier portal, or EDI, SourceDay’s solution has it covered to support the communication method that best suits the supplier relationship.

SourceDay benefits include:

  • Accurate direct materials data in your NetSuite ERP. 
  • 34% improvement in on-time delivery, and predictable supply delivery.
  • Large-scale supply chain distribution mitigation.
  • Provide procurement one solution to engage with ALL suppliers for boosted productivity. 

Learn how Mott Corporation improved on-time delivery by 34% and reduced their PO management workload by 25% using SourceDay with NetSuite.

The Vested Group extends a warm welcome to SourceDay and we are excited to announce this partnership to our supply chain focused customers! Reach out to us with any questions and to learn more! 

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