Transforming Today's Manufacturers

Whether your company is a 50-year-old discrete manufacturer running the same on-premise system you've been using since the 90’s, or a high-tech manufacturing startup rapidly outgrowing QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, the reality is you are operating in the same business ecosystem and face the same modern day business challenges. Regardless of the size or age of a company, manufacturers striving for success need a system that can keep pace and address the challenges of today.

This is where NetSuite and The Vested Group come in. Across the NetSuite customer base, there are thousands of manufacturers that fall across the spectrum of size and age; this is because NetSuite focuses its business strategy around five pillars to address the challenges all modern businesses face.

These pillars include NetSuite’s:

  • Reliable platform
  • Industry-specific capabilities
  • Global functionality
  • Customer experience focus
  • Flexibility to accommodate complex business models

The Vested Group invites you to learn more about how NetSuite faces the challenges of modern manufacturing organizations and provides an unmatched foundation for success.

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