NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Those Pesky Passwords

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No matter what your level of technological expertise is, one thing we can all relate to is the necessary inconvenience of being forced to change your password.  Password change timelines vary from one system to the next, but you can put off the inevitable for so long - and NetSuite is no exception.

Today we have another excellent article from one of our Senior Consultants about this very topic - password expiration. If you have questions about NetSuite's password expiration settings, today's post is for you!

NetSuite Password Expiration Settings

Several clients have stated "Why do we have to change our passwords? We were under the impression that we were set up so that our passwords would never expire."

Here is some insight into what the issue could be -

Before December 10th, 2015 you were able to set the password expiration time frame to however large of a number you wanted. After that date, NetSuite instituted a new limit on the number of days Administrators could allow between password changes. The new range of values that we have is between 1-365 days. Now, NetSuite will respect the numbers set before the December 10th date, only if the General Preferences have not been changed. As soon as you go into change the General Preferences now, NetSuite automatically defaults a value of 180 days.

It should also be noted that the number of days does not 'start' when the change to the preferences is made, but the system will look at the last time the user actually changed their password and count from there. For example, if the user changed their password 170 days ago, they will not have 180 more days, they will only have 10 days before they are prompted to change their password.

If you need further assistance with any questions or issues you have with your NetSuite system, The Vested Group's NetSuite support practice, inVESTED, is here to help!  We can help you with anything from general NetSuite questions to complex development requests and everything in between.  Visit our support page to learn more or contact us today for an immediate response.

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