TVGenius Spotlight: NetSuite + Excel Reporting Solution


Have you heard of TVGenius? 

TVGenius, [tee-vee-jeen-yuhs], noun:

  1.  That unique set of superpowers each one of us has that make us brilliant or amazing. Sometimes this is easy to identify like coding skills or an uncanny encyclopedic knowledge of saved search wildcards, and sometimes more elusive like being able to diffuse a tense interaction merely by your tone of voice.
  2. That spark or flash of inspiration that pops up unintentionally and inexplicably wows everyone on your project team and beyond and consistently underscores who you are and why you fit in at The Vested Group so well.
  3. The only accurate answer to: where did he learn that? …how’d she come up with that? …when did you find that? …how did he know that? …how did she do that? It’s that cool thing you do that can’t be learned or taught but just is.

Pretty much every organization you talk to these days will tell you what makes them different is their people.  While most probably say this with the utmost sincerity – as do we! Our employees are what makes the difference at The Vested Group and we want to show off their NetSuite superpowers...

Let's start off with something from our Senior Consultant, Kristin Squire...


Does your Accounting and Finance department currently have an Excel .xlsx file they are manually formatting from various NetSuite searches or with embedded formulas to present to their Executive teams? Are you spending extra hours in your day to format your NetSuite searches into an Excel Report?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then we have an alternative solution for you!

The Vested Group has a solution to provide an exported .xlsx file which will allow you to retain your embedded formulas and formatting. Whereas exported .csv files produce raw, static data, where all of your formulas and formatting are lost, making it difficult for peers to review how the data was ultimately calculated.

The Vested Group works with a solution that integrates with NetSuite for a nominal one-time fee. Our team will develop the scripting to point to your current saved search results that you are manually consolidating with additional formulas to arrive at the subtotals and totals you need.

Provide the Vested Group your Excel .xlsx file formatted with data calculated from either saved search results and/or from embedded excel formulas.

Allow us to review your current reporting needs and validate your formatting to include bold fonts, row highlighting, column and row width, etc.

Let our development team take care of all the scripting and coding to produce your desired Excel .xlsx Report and alleviate manual data manipulation for more efficiency within your Accounting and Finance departments.

This blog was written by Kristin Squire, a Senior Consultant at The Vested Group.

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