tvgYOU: A New Kind of YOUniversity...


The Vested Group has been involved in the Dallas-Fort Worth community for 10 years, and now we are excited to have the opportunity to invest in future generations through our unique program, tvgYOU.

tvgYOU offers DFW-based high school graduates the unique opportunity to become IT consultants through a non-traditional path. This two-year program presents opportunities including full-time employment with benefits (401(k), health insurance, etc.) and select college-level courses. Upon completion of the tvgYOU program, participants will start their careers as IT consultants, committing three years to The Vested Group.

"We are excited to bring our 'Best Job Ever' mentality to our local
community and support the next generation in a unique way."
- Joel Patterson, Founder

Do you know someone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that would be interested? They can find more information and apply at

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