How Waiakea Became a Leading Sustainable Water Brand

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Waiakea is a premium water company founded in 2012 with the sole mission of protecting our earth through sustainable packaging, sustainable sourcing and sustainable logistics. 

Under the leadership of CEO and co-founder, Ryan Emmons, the Waiakea team has remained dedicated to this mission, which sets the brand apart in the premium water industry. However, its focus on making the world a better place was getting slowed down by Waiakea’s business processes, which became outdated and cumbersome. 

Both Emmons and Plant Manager, Jerry Clark, explain the company started off writing everything down on paper and taking hand-written logs. At the end of the month, the team would then reconcile production reports, resulting in time wasted as well as inconsistent numbers.

“It wasn’t that people didn’t want to buy the water,” Clark explains. “We actually had to slow ourselves down because we just weren’t reliable in our process. Every time something went wrong, we had to scramble to try and figure out what was going on.”

Emmons says Waiakea saw about 50% downtime in a day, bleeding money and barely staying afloat. And that’s precisely when he realized Waiakea needed to update its business processes and management system in order to survive. 



Watch the video to find out why Waiakea ultimately chose Oracle NetSuite to manage its entire business—from manufacturing to the supply chain, demand planning to sourcing and accounting.

And to learn more about Waiakea’s growth story, click here.


This story was originally posted on the NetSuite Blog.

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