No Time For a Demo? Think Again...

As a business leader, your time is extremely limited.  Keeping up with the day-to-day operations of your organization is more than a full time job. Throw a special project into the mix and you will soon find yourself stretched thin.  This especially rings true if you are trying to make a high-impact decision such as deciding which business management software your company should use. 

While the research and selection process of choosing a new business management system can be time consuming, there is great value in this due diligence.  It may be tempting to take short cuts in an attempt to save time, but don’t sell your organization short in the process. One extremely important part of your selection process is the demo.

A software demo gives you an invaluable opportunity to “test drive” the product and see exactly how business processes work within it.  Screen shots and product descriptions may give great insight, but nothing replaces a true demo.  This doesn’t change the fact that time is of the essence for many business executives, so we have created a list of time saving tips below to help you make the most of your demo.

Prepare Yourself

Is there something specific you would like to see the software do? Does your current system lack something you are hoping to address with a new system? Take a few minutes to evaluate your goals with implementing a new business management system and then share these goals with whoever is conducting your demo.  This will help keep the demo relevant to you and allow you see how the software would function with your business processes.  Don’t know where to start? The Vested Group has an easy to use checklist, available here

Demo Virtually Anywhere

No time for an on-site meeting? No problem! With web-based meeting services such as WebEx and JoinMe, you can participate in a demo without having to leave your office. Convenience is a huge factor in conducting a virtual demo, but there are other benefits as well.  Choosing a virtual demo means you are not limited geographically when selecting a solution provider.  For example, The Vested Group is based in the Dallas, TX metroplex, but we have clients all over the United States thanks to virtual capabilities and NetSuite’s cloud-based design.

Public Demos

Some software companies offer standing demos that are open for the public to participate in.  For example, NetSuite schedules public demos on a regular basis – weekly, semi-monthly and monthly – so you can choose a time that works for best for you.  NetSuite offers a general software demo, as well as several industry specific demos that are designed to address needs and processes of particular industries.  Contact The Vested Group for a listing of NetSuite’s public demo dates and times.

Are you interested in a demo of NetSuite’s cloud-based business management system? Our expert team at The Vested Group would be happy to give you a full tour of NetSuite’s ERP, CRM, and e-commerce capabilities.  The Vested Group is a full service NetSuite Solution Provider offering a complete range of NetSuite consulting, implementation, support, and development services. If you think a managed NetSuite implementation won’t fit in your budget, ask us about our self implementation option.  If you would like to set up an on-site or virtual demo of NetSuite, contact The Vested Group today!  

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