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The article below was originally published in June of 2015 after The Vested Group attended NetSuite's annual conference, SuiteWorld - we just happened to title this blog post "Suite Success" not knowing NetSuite would develop a solution by the same name the following year. If you landed on this blog post looking for information about the SuiteSuccess implementation solution, simply click the button above to learn more.


Last month, a few of us from The Vested Group attended NetSuite’s annual conference in San Jose, CA: SuiteWorld.  We have attended SuiteWorld for the past three years and, just as in past years, the conference this year did not disappoint. 

There is a lot going on during this week-long conference, and one of the great things about this event is that NetSuite customers have a chance to showcase the innovative ways they are using NetSuite to transform their businesses.  Fred Studer, NetSuite’s Chief Marketing Officer, described SuiteWorld as a massive virtual campfire, a forum for exchanging ideas and stories, and, one where each attendee can carry away with them an ember of innovation to spark their own organizational transformation.

NetSuite highlights a few of the most noteworthy NetSuite transformations at SuiteWorld each year with the annual Your Suite Award. NetSuite recognizes innovative customers that have natively built leading applications and customizations on the SuiteCloud platform with the Your Suite Award. The Vested Group is extremely proud that one of our clients, HiTech Assets, was included as a nominee for the award this year.

HiTech Assets is a premier North American electronics recycler and one of the first companies in the nation to specialize in the proper disposal, re-use and data security of electronic assets.  Being in the relatively new realm of reverse logistics, HiTech Assets had some very unique business needs to address. NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform gave HiTech Assets the perfect amount of customization and power to create a unique set of business solutions in the collection of tailor made Suitelets they are currently using.

Examples of the custom Suitelets created at HiTech include: a BIOS capture application that automates incoming equipment auditing and cataloging; a Broker Lookup tool that allows sales reps to search a highly complex inventory, export stock lists, and create multi-part sales orders; an LPN record that automates transferring and selling of palletized asset inventory.

This collection of SuiteCloud customizations has allowed HiTech Assets to increase their operational efficiencies significantly and allowed for a greater rate of end user acceptance.  Thanks to the SuiteCloud platform, HiTech Assets has been able to customize NetSuite to meet some very unique and complex business needs.

If you are a current NetSuite customer or considering NetSuite as your business management software solution, The Vested Group’s team of experienced NetSuite consultants is ready to support you.  The Vested Group is a certified NetSuite solution provider and we offer a full line of NetSuite implementation, support, and development services.  So if you are feeling inspired by HiTech Assets and would like to develop a tailored NetSuite solution to transform the way you do business, contact The Vested Group so we can get to work today! If you would like to learn more about The Vested Group's support and development division, inVESTED, we invite you to click over to our support or development pages. 

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