Top Five NetSuite Tips & Tricks

Some of our most popular blog posts fall under the NetSuite Tips & Tricks category.  Many NetSuite users turn to Google when they run into a snag. Fortunately, they end up here on The Vested Group blog where many of our NetSuite Tips & Tricks articles are written by our very own NetSuite Consultants.  

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Today, we’ve rounded up our top five most popular posts, four of which happen to be tagged as NetSuite Tips & Tricks.  Take a moment to read through the list – you just might learn something useful!

NetSuite Global Search Tips

The Global Search feature is an amazingly convenient tool within NetSuite that may be even more useful than you think!  Take a look at this article and add these global search tweaks to your bag of tricks :

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Color me NetSuite

You may think changing the color scheme of your NetSuite UI is merely a cosmetic preference or a fun way to show your support for your favorite college football team.  But did you know changing your color scheme may actually aid your productivity? Read on to find out how: 

And the Password Is…

The best way to start the day is with a notification that you have to change your password, right? If this is not your cup of tea, take a look at our NetSuite Tips & Tricks article covering those pesky passwords:

Emailing Multiple Contacts

This article is more of a solution than a NetSuite Tip or Trick, but it is one of our most popular articles so people must be looking for a way to resolve the issue of spending time manually copying NetSuite Quotes, Sales Orders, or Invoices to send these documents to multiple email addresses.  Take a look at our solution to save yourself a ton of time and energy:

Troubleshooting Your Saved Search

Many NetSuite users enjoy the easy creation and accessibility of NetSuite’s Saved Search feature.   However, there’s nothing worse than spending time trying to figure out why your saved search is not performing the way you are expecting it to.  Save yourself some frustration and take a look at this article for some quick fixes to try:

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